Welcome to my page, if you know me already, just move on to the more interesting pages, the adventure ones… or if you are nearby, invite me for dinner or for a drink and we can talk …

Sailing since 15, volunteer sailing instructor at 18 years old, I have enjoyed many of “les Glenans” amazing specificity: ways of sailing, locations : L’archipel, Brehat, Concarneau, Sete and even further with La corse, l’Irlande et les Scilly… Safety courses, advanced sailing all the way to the A3C2, technical course for the “brevet d’etat”. Les Glenans, a sailing school, a non-profit organisation is a strong community based on respect of the seas, sharing of knowledge and a passion for sailing.

This was my gateway to sailing, my knowledge base and the start of a passion that hopefully will last a lifetime. The only course, I seemed to have missed is the transatlantic they organise regularly and the caribbean cruises. Never mind, I ended up on the penduick VI with my colleague from uni. (INSA de Lyon). Did this create a desire to cross oceans, visit other places, or was it always in me to explore and go further, I’ll never know. But with now 73 countries visited, 5 ocean crossings, and the desire to continue, I invite you all to contact us and come sailing with us, for a week, a month or even further.

My first major sailing adventure in 2008 on a Jeanneau Sun odysee 36.2 was fantastic. From California, back to France the long way over 2 years. The south Pacific, French Polynesia, Micronesia, PNG, Indonesia are few of the amazing memories we made. Back to work in 2010, we knew we wanted to go again so it is now time to take another extended leave from our work, our life , our sailing ground in Sydney and set sail yet again for a long journey on a recent beautiful Hanse 445 – HAPPY DAYS.

What People Say about the Captain

I spent over four months sailing with them in the South Pacific.  It was an amazing leg of Cedric’s much longer sailing trip, going two thirds around the world over a two year period.

Andre – Pacific Crossing and back in the Mediterranean.

The mood onboard was good, everyone got along well, we had a complete confidence in Cédric’s preparation and navigation skills, which I think is essential when embarking in such a journey.

Antoine- Atlantic Crossing

You are quite strict. It is very clear what we can and can’t do. There is only one captain and I prefer it that way.

Loïc Vollet – Mediterranean crossing.

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