the end of this journey!

August 1st,2021 When we started this trip we had planned a year traveling from Barcelona, where we got Happy Days, to French Polynesia. In all the planning and scenarios we never consider a pandemic. And believe me as engineers, project manger we did consider a lot situations and risks. The whole world stopped and changedContinue reading “the end of this journey!”

Gambier Islands

July 15, 2021 You probably have not hear about this place before. I think even French people doesn’t know about Mangareva, Rikitea, Gambier Islands so let me quickly explain. French Polynesia is an overseas French territory it is comprised of 4 groups of Islands, 5 if you count Gambier as an extra group. The fourContinue reading “Gambier Islands”

Trans-Pacific – 2900 nm

May 10, 2021 This crossing is dedicated to my dad who passed away a couple of days prior to our departure. He was always there, supportive force behind our accomplishments. Cedric Condé, April 2021 2900 nautical miles was our goal, the distance from Puerto Villamil to Rikitea in straight line. At the end we didContinue reading “Trans-Pacific – 2900 nm”

Diving Darwin and Wolf

April 10, 2021 It all started when we went to Leon Dormido, a very famous diving site in San Cristobal. Our first experience, diving with Hammerhead Sharks. Have a look at the video below… but be aware, for sharks!! We did another couple of dives in San Cristobal at “Roca Ballena” which means Rock Whale,Continue reading “Diving Darwin and Wolf”

900 nautical miles

March 18, 2021 From Panama to Galapagos is 900nm approximately. Remember ? 1 nautical mile = 1.8km. Therefore, 1560km. It is quite a distance, equivalent of Paris – Gibraltar or Bogota – Dominican Republic… We had very light winds and also some days with no wind in the predictions. So we splitted the journey inContinue reading “900 nautical miles”

Between two Oceans

March 6, 2021 Many years ago sailors had to go all the way down to Argentina to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. But nowadays there is the Panama Channel. The stories on the channel crossings are endless. Unfortunately, people tend to remember and share around all the bad stories. After listening toContinue reading “Between two Oceans”

A very special guest

December 19,2020 My dad has always been very supportive of my projects even if sometimes they could sound a bit crazy. He grew up in Bogota at an altitude of 2600 m and has lived there for all his life, 74 and counting!! He had no interest in sailing until 2008 when I decided toContinue reading “A very special guest”

Diver’s Paradise!!!

November 26, 2020 Bonaire is called the Divers paradise!!! Lots of divers from all over the globe come here. The island has all the facilities to receive divers by thousands. Most dive sites are clearly mark with a yellow buoy on the sea and if arriving from land, there is a yellow stone marking theContinue reading “Diver’s Paradise!!!”


November 6, 2020 With all the change of regulations and the opening and closure of different countries, it is now possible to visit Bonaire specially from Curacao. After almost a year with COVID around the world we have been very lucky not to catch it and never had the need to be tested. However, toContinue reading “Bonaire!!”

Dominica first week

March 12,2020 Landing in Dominica is quite impressive, we had an excellent weather from Martinique all the way, we left early morning and arrived in the afternoon. We first arrived in Roseau, which is the Capital. Things were pretty relaxed for the sailing, nice blue sky, great wind as we arrived some local came inContinue reading “Dominica first week”

Sydney -Barbados.

February 17, 2020 Bueno y finalmente uno de los días más esperados por fin llego. El 17 de febrero viajé de Sydney a Barbados para comenzar mi año sabático. Happy Days ya llegó a Barbados el 16 de Febrero, pero como era Domingo no les permitieron ir a tierra porque todas las oficinas de inmigraciónContinue reading “Sydney -Barbados.”

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  1. Hola, esperando anciosamente el siguiente episodio, Fotos, Momentos. Pendiente del siguiente puerto.
    P.s. yo quiero café


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